Cooking Attempt #1: Non-Cracker Crackers

I love crackers.  And chips.  And all things crunchy and grain-based.  But I had to give up gluten a while back, and my new diet (more on that later) frowns upon the gluten-free pretzels and chips I’ve come to love.  So what’s a crunch-lovin’ girl to do?  Well, I’ve decided to give homemade crackers a try, using alternative flours like garbanzo flour.  Sounds weird, I know.  But my first baking attempt went well, so maybe this non-grain cracker thing will work for me!

garbanzo flour

Nice hat, Bob.

The first recipe I tried was “Rustic Rosemary and Herb Crackers” from the Clean Green Simple website:


I didn’t have ground flaxseed on hand, so I skipped that ingredient.  But I DID have fresh rosemary growing in the backyard, which I was super excited to finally use!  (And boy, did it make the house smell heavenly while the crackers were baking!)

Fresh out of the oven! Yum!

Rolling out the dough was quite a workout, much harder than say, rolling out pie dough.  But I think if I cut the dough into quarters and roll them out separately next time (instead of trying to roll out one giant hunka dough) it will be easier.

My cooking verdict: Two Thumbs Up!  It’s not light and airy like regular crackers, it’s a bit more dense.  But it has a nice crunch, is easy to make, and pretty tasty!


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